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Murchison Overview

The Murchison subegion of the Western Australian Rangelands covers an area of approximately 331,775 square kilometres. It is bordered by the South West Region and Goldfields subregion in the south, the Gascoyne subregion in the North, the Indian Ocean to the west and the Desert Rangelands to the east.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 7083 people lived in the Murchison subregion in 2011.

History and Economy

Natural Environment

Carbon Farming

Climate Change


Murchison Subregion

Threats to Target Areas

Threats to target areas within the Murchison region have been analysed and are presented below.

Priority Areas 2017-2022

Regionally significant habitat protection, prioritised flora and fauna species, wetlands of national significance and building community capacity are a priority across the Murchison.

Priority areas have been defined by having significant environmental assets, manageable threats and the willingness of a community to collaborate and be engaged, demonstrating strong leadership and having a sustainable vision for the area.


Murchison Asset Register

Priority Areas for 2014-2018