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Updating the Plan

Priority areas have been defined by having significant environmental assets, manageable threats and the willingness of a community to collaborate and be engaged, demonstrating strong leadership and having a sustainable vision for the area.

Environmental assets can be nominated for inclusion on the Asset Register at any time provided they are tangible, physical things that exist and can be drawn on a map. An asset is the thing we hope to protect, improve or manage better through a proposed project. It could be large or small, degraded or pristine, localised or dispersed. Examples include wetlands, river reaches, individual plant or animal species, areas of habitat, vegetation communities, highly productive land systems, water resources (including aquifers), offshore islands and other marine environments… the only criteria that you need to keep in mind when nominating an asset for inclusion on the register is whether the asset you are nominating is a tangible, physical thing that can be drawn on a map. If it is, then it’s considered an asset for the purposes of this plan. If you need help or aren’t sure, discuss your ideas with your relevant Rangelands staff contact.

Nominate using the Asset Nomination Form (download in word (.docx) or PDF (pdf) format. The Asset Nomination Form contains a variety of fields where information about the location, values, condition and threats is recorded.

Complete all fields on the form to the best of your knowledge.

Ask your Rangelands staff contact if you’re unsure or need help.

Email to Paul Buckman (Operations Manager)