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Sustainable Pastoralism

The diversity of land systems across the WA rangelands provides a variety of plant resources which are interdependent on regional and seasonal climatic conditions.

The pastoral value of land systems is based on their capacity to carry stock. Rangelands NRM is assisting industry leaders to adjust stock numbers to season conditions/feed supply and supports regenerative management practices including, for example, a ‘rest paddock’ / rotational grazing system, managing total grazing pressure and/or managing for fire (followed by appropriately growing season rest).  This will assist in evenly distributing grazing pressure, encourage drought reserves and reduce overgrazing.

Separating climatic variability from management influences, as well as natural and human-induced fire, remains difficult in the rangelands.  Species diversity and ecosystem resilience ensures that landscape processes are maintained; subsequently regenerative management is a priority for Rangelands NRM in all subregions. To maximise limited funds, our level of influence needs to be at the landscape scale, hence our priority areas need to remain the focus for Rangelands NRM investing in on ground works and practice change.