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Regional Context

Western Australia is recognised globally as one of the primary exporters of natural resources; what may not be known is that almost all of the resource extraction and / or production activity occurs in the WA Rangelands. Our richness in natural resources has impacted settlements, local economies, infrastructure development and population trends since the industry commenced in the 1880s, as attested to by the changing fortunes of many of our towns.

Pastoralism, another of our major industries has also seen many changes yet continues today in spite of the many and varied challenges. Both these industries are going through yet another change now – 2013 sees us in the grips of a mining boom, with record investment and development in many regional towns, while recent impacts in the pastoral industry, such as concerns about the viability of export markets, higher costs, ongoing drought and uncertainty around leases are making life on the land as difficult as ever.

Added to this are the potential implications of a changing climate, which are not as yet generally well understood or easily predicted.

Wooleen Exclosure fence to protect lake from animals padding_BGray

Wooleen exclosure fence to protect lake from animals padding. Photo taken by B. Gray

These factors and their potential consequences may at times limit ours and our project partners’ ability to implement projects developed through this plan, or achieve outcomes that were reasonably anticipated when projects were initiated.