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Integrating Indigenous Planning Pilbara

Rangelands NRM highly values indigenous land management planning and on-ground action. We acknowledge that much planning has been and is being done in the Pilbara subregion, and that there are a variety of Healthy Country Plans and other plans, either private or publicly available, to help prioritise and guide the management of our natural resources. We are committed to working with indigenous groups and organisations to achieve our common goal of supporting and encourageing the sustainable use of our natural resources and it is our intention, when developing projects or assisting others to develop projects, that indigeous planning is integrated into the project development process so that we can collaborate on areas of common ground.

As there is no over-arching indigenous organisation in the Pilbara subregion, please contact our Pilbara Program Manager on 08 9144 2800, who will guide you to the appropriate contact person for the group or organisation most relevant to your project.