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Priority Areas Pilbara


The Pilbara contains significant biodiversity value with a number of unique environmental assets embedded in a resource rich landscape and is one of the 15 biodiversity hotspots in Australia.

The Pilbara program aims to protect priority flora, fauna and aquatic ecosystems by
implementing a co-ordinated approach to fire management, controlling feral
animals and containing new and emerging weed species.

A landscape scale program of activities will be implemented in the Pilbara with pastoral, Government agencies, Indigenous groups, mining and conservation land managers to protect and enhance existing native vegetation and manage threats to biodiversity in order to maintain biodiversity characteristics and
ecological connectivity while enhancing cultural sites of significance.

Priority Map 2015 Pilbara

The brown patches on the map represent priority areas.

Assets included in the Priority Areas

Priority areas for investment in the Pilbara include the Fortescue and De Grey River catchments, a section of the coast encompassing a high number of environmental assets, including sensitive turtle nesting sites, and areas within the Yandeyarra Aboriginal reserve.The program aims to enhance ecological connectivity of the De Grey and Fortescue catchments to ensure priority habitat for priority fauna such as the Northern Quoll and the Greater Bilby.

The Yandeyarra Aboriginal reserve abuts both the Fortescue and De Grey catchments and encompasses a number of water tributaries, threatened species and other environmental assets. The reserve has a
management plan and priority activities for investment will encourage sustainable pastoral practices and restore habitat resulting from historic overgrazing as well as address key threats to biodiversity.

The Fortescue catchment contains Karijini and Millstream-Chichester National parks plus one million hectares of the Fortescue marshes that are a Priority High Ecological Value Aquatic Ecosystem. This ephemeral wetland is a significant drought refuge area for native vertebrate fauna and supports migratory

The De Grey River is a Wetland of National Significance, along with Carawine Gorge, Skull Springs and Running Waters, all in the upper catchment of the De Grey, being wetlands of subregional importance.

Sustainable pastoralism

Highly productive land systems are a priority for investment and management across the Pilbara, independent of the identified priority areas.