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Pastoral-Desert Interface

Region: Pilbara


Traditionally we have worked in the desert and pastoral areas discretely. In more recent years, we have seen the opportunity that exists to bring these two stakeholder groups together, both in terms of the issues and the people who are dealing with them.

Over the next five years we’ve identified a priority area where we can focus on bringing together desert Traditional Owners (TOs), pastoralists and others together to address threats, which exist along that interface that we call the Pastoral/Desert Interface, particularly fire in the north and ferals and weeds in the south.

These are productive land systems on the fringe of the desert. Impacted by fire, feral herbivores and weeds. Through partnerships with KJ and CDNTS and other desert Aboriginal ranger groups, we seek to bridge connections to manage fire, ferals and weeds for and with pastoralists.

  • Mitigate climate change driven increased fuel loads impacting on productive pastoral land systems.
  • Expanded partnerships between TOs and pastoralists across the landscape where issues of common concern exist (fire, ferals and weeds)
  • Collaborative research conducted on fire for different purposes
  • Reduced impact from large feral herbivores
  • Improved employment opportunities for TOs on pastoral properties, meeting a workforce gap in the region

Key EBBC or priority fauna in area:

  • Endangered Northern Quoll (Dasyurus hallucatus)
  • Endangered Night Parrot (Pezoporus occidentalis)
  • Endangered Sandhill Dunnart (Sminthopsis psammophila)
  • Vulnerable Bilby (Macrotis lagotis)
  • Vulnerable Malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata)

Other assets in the area:

  1. Productive grazing land systems
  2. Long unburnt spinifex and dunal systems

People/Groups engaged in the area

  1. Pastoralists
  2. Kimberley Pilbara Cattleman’s Association
  3. Pilbara Strategic Conservation Initiative (fund)
  4. De Grey LCDC
  5. Ashburton Aboriginal Association (Mt Divide Station)
  6. Warrawagine Station
  7. Balfour Downs Station
  8. Walagunya Station (Eastern Guruma Pastoral Company)
  9. Yarrie Station
  10. Kanyirninpa Jukurrpa (KJ) Martu Rangers
  11. Desert Support Services (CDNTS)
  12. Pilbara Mesquite Management Committee
  13. Parks & Wildlife Service
  14. Department of Agriculture & Food
  15. Pilbara RBG
  16. Goldfields Nullarbor RBA (GNRBA)