Objectives and Approach

Objectives and Approach


Welcome to the Rangelands NRM Regional Plan – the first of its type released ‘online’. The plan does not cover a specified time period like previous plans have done because this new online format allows content to be updated on an ongoing basis, as new information becomes available, so the life of this plan is unrestricted. In addition to being easily updatable, the online format gives us the ability to integrate different aspects of the plan and to make some of these interactive, such as the new mapping portal.

This plan has specifically been designed to be interactive and responsive – stakeholders, project partners and community members across the region have had and can continue to have input into the content; in this way, we can be confident that the work we are doing and supporting always stays relevant and meaningful to the people of the rangelands. To find out more about how to contribute to the plan, visit the Updating the Plan page or contact your Rangelands NRM staff member.

About the Online Regional Plan


There are three main objectives of this plan, and the processes used to develop it. They are:

  • To provide clear direction to Rangelands NRM regarding investment in managing our most highly valued natural assets, so that these can be well managed, both for our own benefit and the benefit of future generations

  • To identify specific, well-considered investment opportunities that have a high likelihood of success

  • To create a plan that is easy to update as new information becomes available

Asset-based approach

This plan is ‘asset-based’, meaning that is focuses on specific places in the landscape – places that physically exist and can be pinpointed on a map, such as a wetland, an island, a vegetation community or an animal (or its habitat).

In order to more easily allow investment that considers a variety of values and scales, assets are not presented in the traditional theme headings (Water, Biodiversity, Land, etc), but instead according to their scale and relative level of importance in the context of the whole of the region. There are three asset categories used in the Plan; Umbrella, Significant and Notable.

To strategically guide future investment over the next 5 years(2014-18 inclusive), Rangelands NRM has identified a number of priority areas at the subregional level (Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Murchison,
Goldfields-Nullarbor and the Desert) to ensure a proactive approach to achieving outcomes which are both realistic and focused. By providing a baseline on which to focus future opportunities, Rangelands NRM is acknowledging the political landscape, a dynamic environment with climatic extremes and our diverse population base. Priority areas as identified are not in response to any particular funding
program, rather they reflect what is needed in the region to conserve special environmental areas, nurture enthusiasm and involvement and address threats affecting environmental assets.

It is recognised that not all of the funds available to Rangelands NRM for projects will be spent on specific environmental assets; some will be spent on building the skillset of our land managers or on catchment-wide projects, for example. This plan will help to guide the allocation of funds when investment in specific assets is intended.

How to navigate and use this plan

Use the menus at the top of each page to navigate the plan, like you would any other website. Roll the mouse over each of the headings to see the submenus available for each section. To search for something specific, type keywords directly into the search field above. The ‘Purpose’ menu contains all the information relevant to the development of this plan. Pages under the ‘Our Region’ menu contain descriptive information about the Western Australian rangelands. Pages under the subregional tabs of Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Murchison, Goldfields-Nullarbor and Desert contain descriptive information as well as the results of the planning process relevant to that subregion. To learn more about how we will apply the plan, visit the 'Implementing the Plan' page.

How to use the Regional Plan

Strategic Plan 2012 – 2015

The Rangelands NRM Strategic Plan 2012 to 2015 is an overarching plan that sets direction for the organisation. It contains seven Strategic Objectives. This new Regional Plan achieves or contributes to the achievement of two of these Objectives: 

  • Achieves Strategic Objective SO-01 "Publish a Regional Plan as the custodian on behalf of the WA Rangelands communities" which will provide "Clarity to the Region’s prioritised natural assets to enable targeted investment."
  •  Contributes to Strategic Objective SO-02 "Protect, improve and manage natural assets of the WA Rangelands" through Deliverable #1: "A defined decision-support prioritisation system". This is provided through the use of the INFFER framework. 

Previous Regional Strategy

Our previous Regional Strategy, which sits under the Strategic Plan, was developed in 2004-2005. Much change has occurred since then; at a national scale, the Australian Government's Caring for our Country program has replaced the Natural Heritage Trust, leading to changes in federal priorities and the availability of funding, and at a regional scale, there has been a substantial expansion in the mining industry, leading to the development of new infrastructure and new demands on our natural resources.

This new Regional Plan is an update of the 2004-2005 strategy, containing many of the same areas of focus and building on past effort and knowledge.