Murchison Overview

The Murchison subegion of the Western Australian Rangelands covers an area of approximately 331,775 square kilometres. It is bordered by the South West Region and Goldfields subregion in the south, the Gascoyne subregion in the North, the Indian Ocean to the west and the Desert Rangelands to the east.

According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, around 7083 people lived in the Murchison subregion in 2011.

The Murchison’s primary economic activities include mining, pastoralism, fishing and tourism. The region’s most valuable industry is the mining sector, however pastoralism is also very important to the local economy.

For thousands of years the Murchison has been home to many different Indigenous groups. These groups are collectively known as the Yamatji People. View Tindale's tribal boundaries map to see the many language groups that make up the Murchison indigenous community. In the early 1800s European exploration and settlement of the region began. By the 1850s, pastoralism, agriculture and mining industries had begun to establish. In the late 1880s gold prospectors sought fortune in the Murchison gold rushes.


Murchison Subregion