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Priority Areas Murchison


Regionally significant habitat protection, prioritised flora and fauna species, wetlands of national significance and building community capacity are a priority across the Murchison.

Assets included in the Priority Areas

Current priority areas for the Murchison include those catchments impacting the Shark Bay World Heritage area, including the Wooramel and Murchison River catchments upstream of (and including) Wooleen Lake. Priority environmental assets include the banded ironstone formation, wetlands of national significance and a number of riverine assets such as sills, ledges, pools and lake systems including Lake Nallan. The area surrounding Ninghan Station, where 5 bioregions meet, is also of significance as this has resulted in unique biodiversity and vegetation assemblages.

The area around Wiluna supports many important environmental assets. In this area, opportunities
to build on previous cross-tenure activities with indigenous, pastoral and
mining interests exist that complement land management and conservation
projects occurring in the Desert region.

Priority Map 2015 Murchison

The brown patches on the map represent priority areas.

Pastoral land managers, Government agencies, Traditional Owners and Indigenous Rangers
are critical to the management of these priority areas in the Murchison.

Sustainable pastoralism

Highly productive land systems are a priority for investment and management across the Murchison, independent of the identified priority areas.