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Assets Goldfields-Nullarbor

[ Goldfields-Nullarbor Asset Register ]

Thirty-five assets are currently on the Asset Register for the Goldfields-Nullarbor, added either through the desktop study (undertaken in preparation for this plan) or the asset nomination workshops. Assets are categorised as Umbrella, Significant or Notable according to their  scale, complexity and the number of smaller-scale assets they  incorprate. Umbrella assets are very large, very complex and comprise  may small-scale assets, e.g. the Great Western Woodlands, while  Notable assets are at the other end of the spectrum and are small scale,  less complex assets, such as the Bluebush Plains.See the Asset Categories page for a more detailed explanation.

The relative significance of asses, in the context of the whole of the Rangelands, were scored using the categories of Exceptional, Very High, High and Moderate. The level of threat against them, considering all threats, was assessed as either Very High, High, Moderate or Low.


Each coloured dot represents a nominated asset. Click on the map to go to the interactive mapping tool.