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Priority Areas Goldfields-Nullarbor


Regionally significant habitat protection, prioritised flora and fauna species, wetlands of national significance and building community capacity are a priority across the Goldfields-Nullarbor.

Assets included in the Priority Areas

The ancient paleo-drainage channels provide a focus in which to link dispersed environmental assets. A priority for the Goldfields/Nullarbor is the protection and enhancement of the Great Western Woodlands and the gum/bluebush belt. Pastoral land managers, Government agencies, Traditional Owners and Indigenous Rangers are critical to the management of these priority areas.

The Helena and Aurora Range Banded Ironstone Formation and its associated Declared Rare Flora, and the landscape surrounding this area is also of significance.

The karst cave complexes on the Nullarbor pastoral properties are identified as a potential priority project, but these currently fall outside of the 5-year time frame as focused by the regional plan.

Priority Map 2015 Goldfields-Nullarbor

The brown patches on the map represent priority areas.

Sustainable pastoralism

Highly productive land systems are a priority for investment and management across the Goldfields-Nullarbor, independent of the identified priority areas.