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Gap analysis

A brief gap analysis was undertaken during the development of this plan and in the Rangelands NRM board and staff review. It is anticipated that once the Plan is launched in April 2014, other gaps may be identified during the review period. Whilst this Plan is not intended to be a 'catch-all' in that every asset in the WA Rangelands is not meant to be on the Asset Register, some assets that are known to be important cannot be included in as much detail as some others due to a lack of knowledge or available information. These include:

Highly productive land systems.

'Highly productive land systems' have been identified as Assets in each of the subregions.  These land systems are the foundation of pastoral activity and often support highly diverse native vegetation communities. These areas are often associated with drainage lines (ancient or current) and valley floors. Rangelands NRM are currently negotiating with the Department of Agriculture and Food (WA) to enable this information to be shown as a layer on the interactive map, so that within each subregion, users of this plan can see clearly where these land systems are situated, and what other assets or values they may be associated with.