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Eighty Mile Beach

Region: Kimberley


Following ancient Paleo drainage channels from the Great Sandy Desert through to the sea, this region plays host to a series of significant wetlands including Mandora Marsh culminating in the Ramsar listed 80 Mile Beach.

Through capacity building the emerging Ranger group (Nyangumarta), this project aims to provide a focus for fire, weed and feral management. There is also a strong focus on assisting with building collaborations and partnerships to diversify learning and opportunities.

The region also includes productive land systems. With the focus on development of the La Grange aquifer, this project aims to build relationships between traditional owners and pastoralists along the coastal belt with an idea to link with Roebuck Bay Ramsar and through the development of holistic property plans, this project will foster a landscape scale perspective on sustainable grazing practices.


Key EBBC or priority fauna in area:

  • Vulnerable Bilby (Macrotis lagotis)
  • Vulnerable Flatback Turtle (Natator depressus)
  • Migratory shorebirds

Other assets in the area:

  1. 80 Mile Beach Ramsar site and turtle nesting area
  2. Salt Creek Ramsar site
  3. Mandora Marsh (unique inland mangroves)
  4. Productive Land Systems

People/Groups engaged in the area:

  1. Yamatji Marlpa Aboriginal Corporation
  2. Pastoralists
  3. Kimbeley Pilbara Cattlemans Association
  4. Nyangumarta Warran AC inc Rangers
  5. Department of Biodiversity conservation and Attractions
  6. Department of Agriculture and Food Western Australia
  7. Department of Water