Desert Overview

The Desert subregion largely covers the inner east area of Western Australia. It is bordered by the Goldfields-Nullarbor subregion in the south, the Kimberley subregion in the North, the Pilbara, Gascoyne and Murchison subregions to the west and South Australia and the Northern Territory to the east. The Desert subregion covers six IBRA bioregions: the Great Sandy Desert, the Gibson Desert, the Little Sandy Desert, the Great Victoria Desert, the Central Ranges and Tanami. This subregion is sparsely populated and consists of Aboriginal communities and mining centres. View Tindale’s tribal boundaries map to see the many language groups that make up the Desert indigenous community.

The Desert subregion has been home to the Aboriginal people for thousands years and has had very little interference from the Europeans, however, there have been a number of exploration expeditions within this region.

There are very few settlements however the margins of this region support some economic activities; primarility mining e.g. Telfer Gold Mine and Nifty Copper Mine, pastoralism, tourism and Indigenous art.


Desert Subregion