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Current Regional Asset Register | Current Regional Potential Projects list

The Rangelands region of Western Australia is home to areas of unsurpassed natural beauty, spectacular landscapes and immense diversity, and is recognised globally for its uniqueness. It is home to the gorges of Karijini, the Bungle Bunlges, Shark Bay, the Dampier Peninsula, the Buccaneer Archipelago, the Nullarbor, the wildflower carpets of the Goldfields and countless other inspiring and breathtaking places. These places are valued for various different reasons by locals and visitors alike. Like so many natural areas around the world, many of these places need active management to conserve and protect the very values that make them important to us, hence the development of this Regional Plan.

Identification of ‘important’ environmental assets in the Rangelands is capture within the Asset Register. Important assets are those that have high significance in terms of their ecological, cultural and / or economic value.

The Asset Register is ‘live’ in the sense that assets can be nominated for inclusion at any time using the Asset Nomination Form. It’s not an exhaustive list of every environmental asset in the Rangelands, nor is it intended to be, rather it’s a list of the things that previous studies, technical experts and local communities have identified as being important.


Each coloured dot represents a nominated asset within the Asset Register. Click on the map to go to the interactive mapping tool

The Asset Register includes such things as offshore islands, highly productive land systems, threatened species, rivers, wetlands, underground aquifers.

The region-wide Asset Register can be accessed using the links above or alternatively, each subregional subset can be accessed from the relevant subregion menus.