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Asset Categories

In order to sort assets in a way that recognises their different scales and level of importance, a hierarchical classification was developed. The three levels within this classification are:

Umbrella Assets

Generally at a very large scale (e.g. the Fitzroy River) or aggregations of entities (e.g. species of plants and animals with similar ecological requirements or threats). While assets at this level are of exceptional or at least very high significance, they are too large and complex to effectively manage in their entirety and in general are unable to satisfy the INFFER filtering criteria. They do however form an umbrella for component significant or notable assets.

Significant Assets

Usually of high to very high significance where there is potential for major investment or protection measures to maintain or enhance their values. Assets at this scale have potential for consideration using the INFFER filtering criteria but only a limited subset is likely to be the focus of major investment at any one time.

Notable Assets

Many assets identified at Community Workshops were of local significance. Generally modest in scale, they are certainly noteworthy and will be the focus of smaller scale projects often initiated by local community environmental and Landcare groups. Most notable assets are in fact nested within assets at higher levels.