The Rangelands NRM Regional Plan is a tool that identifies priority areas in the rangelands of WA where land management activities could take place.

These are based on assets identified by the community as well as other criteria including climate change and social aspects.

To strategically guide future investment between 2014-18 inclusive, Rangelands NRM has identified a number of priority areas at the subregional level (Kimberley, Pilbara, Gascoyne, Murchison, Goldfields-Nullarbor and the Desert) to ensure a proactive approach to achieving outcomes which are both realistic and focused. By providing a baseline on which to focus future opportunities, Rangelands NRM is acknowledging the political landscape, a dynamic environment with climatic extremes and our diverse population base.

Priority areas as identified are not in response to any particular funding program, rather they reflect what is needed in the region to conserve special environmental areas, nurture enthusiasm and involvement and address threats affecting environmental assets. Rangelands NRM does not expect to fund every asset in the priory areas (nor the area per se), rather the priority areas provide scope to be selective when choosing preferred projects within the subregions.

This plan has specifically been designed to be interactive and responsive–stakeholders, project partners and community members across the region have had and can continue to have input into the content; in this way, we can be confident that the work we are doing and supporting always stays relevant and meaningful to the people of the rangelands.

To find out more about how to contribute to the plan, visit the Updating the Plan page or contact your Rangelands NRM staff member.

Priority Areas

More information on the priority areas


Sustainable Grazing

Desert Interface

Fortescue Catchment

Shark Bay Biolink

Gascoyne Catchment

Ningaloo Coast

Great Victoria Desert

Great Western Woodlands

Lake Gregory

Fitzroy Catchment

80-Mile Beach


Dampier Peninsula

North Kimberley